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Thigh Lift Consultation

Thigh Lift Consultation

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Even a commitment to diet and exercise can’t always get you the physique you want. If you’ve recently lost a lot of weight, or have sagging skin and lingering fat pockets on your inner or outer thighs, it might be time for a thighplasty. Contact Christopher Jones MD to eliminate the excess skin and fat on your thighs.

What is a thighplasty?

A thighplasty is a surgical procedure that removes excess skin and fat pockets from your inner and outer thighs. It also involves building support in the under layers of tissue to create a smoother, lifted appearance. Dr. Jones will smooth and shape the remaining tissue so your thighs look proportional to your overall physique.

Who is a good candidate?

The thigh lift or thighplasty is for people who have a lot of extra soft tissue at the inner and outer regions of the thigh. If you have some excess fat, liposuction may be a better option for your needs. If you are overweight, talk frankly with Dr. Jones so he can recommend the best way to get the results you’re after.

Will it leave a scar?

Yes, there will be a scar. The location of the scar is dependent on which type of thighplasty you need. There are three types. The lateral thigh lift is done through the same incision that a tummy tuck uses, but goes further around. The groin-type medial thigh lift involves an incision in the groin fold between the thigh and pubic area. Its results are a bit more limited. The inseam thighplasty involves an incision from the groin down the inner aspect of the thigh all the way to the knee, but usually has more dramatic results.

What should I expect during and after the procedure?

You will be placed under general anesthesia during the procedure. Dr. Jones will remove the excess tissue, add sutures to bring support to the underlying tissues, and smooth the thighs so they look tighter and natural. There is not usually a great deal of discomfort after the procedure. Lower extremity wounds can heal more slowly than other wounds. 

How soon will I see results?

The changes in your thighs’ shape and appearance is evident almost immediately. Optimal results show after the swelling and bruising resolve over the course of a couple of weeks.

What is the difference between inner, outer and groin thigh lifts?

The thigh is a large body structure relative to the rest of the body. There is no single lifting or reduction operation for the whole circumference and mass of the thigh. The lateral thigh lift is an extension of the abdominoplasty or tummy-tuck incision around the side to the upper buttock. It removes the “muffin top” tissue excess and lifts the outer thigh and buttocks. The other two thigh operations address the medial, or inner thigh. The groin incision medial thigh lift uses a well-concealed incision running in the groin fold. The tissues are lifted and sutured to deep connective tissue on either side of the pubic bone. If done in an aggressive fashion, the scar can gradually move out of the fold and down the inner thigh, bringing pubic hair-bearing skin with it. Conservatism and realistic expectations are key with this operation. Finally, the inseam thigh reduction is not a lift, but a tightening of the whole thigh via an incision from the groin to the knee running along the inner thigh. It can be done in a more aggressive fashion than the groin type, but leaves a long scar.

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