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Brow Lift Consultation

Brow Lift Consultation

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As time goes by, your face goes through a number of shifts and changes, especially in your forehead and around your eyes. For many in and around Indianapolis, a brow lift from Christopher Jones, MD, PC, is a great option for delivering a more youthful, well-rested appearance. If you’d like to learn more, book an appointment today, either online or by phone.

What causes brow changes?

The aging process is a leading cause of changes in all areas of your face, including your brow. As the year’s pass, your skin has less of its natural layer of padding and its internal support framework. That can cause the area near and above your eyes to sag.

A sagging or deeply furrowed brow can project an outward appearance that doesn’t conform to how you feel emotionally. You may convey an impression of being angry, worried, tired, or sad, simply because of your misleading expression.

Genetics also factor in, leaving some men and women with a heavy, pronounced, or furrowed brow even when they’re young.

What is a brow lift?

A brow lift is a surgical procedure that repositions the skin and tissues of your forehead to create a more aesthetically pleasing and balanced appearance. Brow lifts are done on an outpatient basis and are often combined with additional procedures like an eye lift or facelift.

There are several ways to perform a brow lift. During your initial consultation, Dr. Jones will evaluate the contours of your face and discuss your aesthetic goals. That information allows him to create a customized treatment plan to suit your specific needs. He’ll ensure you have all the details needed to make an informed decision about your procedure.

Will the results of my brow lift last?

In the hands of a talented and experienced surgeon like Dr. Jones, a brow lift can deliver lasting results. That said, nothing can slow the hands of time, and all areas of your face will continue to change as the year’s pass.

You can expect your results to last for many years, and there are steps you can take to extend the results of your brow lift. Wearing sunscreen daily, adhering to a healthy diet and exercise plan, using high-quality skincare products, and avoiding smoking can all help you look and feel your best.

To learn more about how a brow lift can help you achieve your aesthetic goals, book a consultation with Dr. Jones today. Online scheduling is available, or you’re always welcome to call or stop by the office to check availability.

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