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Surgery, injury, and life in general often leave behind reminders in the form of scars. While these are a natural part of healing, some scars may be placed in ways that compromise self-confidence. Depending on the cause, type, and extent of scar tissue, cosmetic plastic surgeon Christopher Jones, MD, PC, of Indianapolis has an arsenal of techniques to reduce or eliminate existing scars. Call today to find out how Dr. Jones can help you, or book a scar revision consultation online.

Is a scar revision right for me?

Scar revision is a very personalized procedure that’s designed to minimize the appearance of unsightly scars, so you won’t have to hide your skin another day. This type of procedure might be right for you if:

  • You’re generally healthy

  • Topical treatments aren’t working

  • Your skin is healthy and elastic

  • Your scar is jagged, misshapen, or discolored

  • Your scar is affecting your self-confidence

It’s important for you to know that while scar revision surgery can certainly provide a more pleasing aesthetic outcome, it won’t erase scars entirely.

What happens during scar revision surgery?

Your scar revision surgery, which is an outpatient procedure, is often performed under local anesthesia in the office. Dr. Jones makes very precise incisions to remove damaged scar tissue, create a flap closure to reposition scars, or perform a tissue graft (usually grafts are for burn scars).

As an alternative, you may be a candidate for a tissue-expansion procedure. This skin-graft substitute involves placing an inflatable balloon (tissue expander) underneath your skin near your scar.

Dr. Jones has you come into the office regularly to have the balloon filled with saline solution. This forces your skin to expand and stretch. In the end, your skin stretches enough where Dr. Jones can remove the balloon and stretched skin can be moved to replace your old scar tissue.

How long does it take for a scar revision to heal?

Because Dr. Jones offers so many different types of scar-revision procedures, your recovery time just depends on your specific surgery and how quickly you heal. In most cases though, initial healing takes at least 1-2 weeks.

After that point, your incision site should be healed and Dr. Jones can get you started on treatments to enhance healing and minimize the appearance of surgical scars.

Do I need surgery to get rid of a scar?

Not always. At the office of Christopher Jones, MD, PC, your scar-revision treatment package is tailored to the severity of your scar and your overall skin health. To break up scar tissue and stimulate new tissue development, Dr. Jones may recommend:

  • Chemical peels

  • Dermabrasion

  • Laser resurfacing

  • Skin bleaching agents

If you have sunken scars, which is commonly associated with certain types of acne, you may benefit from dermal fillers to help plump your skin. In some cases, these alternative scar-revision treatments are used after surgery to help you heal and to restore your healthy skin.

Learn more about scar-revision solutions by scheduling a consultation at the office of Christopher Jones, MD, PC, today. You can conveniently book your appointment online or over the phone.

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