Collection: Medical Grade Facial

What is a Medical Grade Facial? 

This is a skincare treatment where we customize the products we use in order to treat your specific skin care needs. We start off with a manual deep exfoliation called dermaplaining. This will enhance the absorption of the products used during the facial. After the dermaplaining we do a facial massage, steam with enzyme to clean out the pores, extractions, mask, serums, and moisturizer. Don’t be fooled this relaxing facial will provide amazing looking skin! 

What is recovery like? 

There may be some redness to the skin the day of the treatment and depending on the products used you could experience some flaking or dryness a couple of days out. In rare cases some individuals experience minor break outs due to skin adapting to medical grade products. 

How long will my results last? 

Results from facials will last around a month. A medical grade facial is a great start to skin maintenance but we prefer you use this as a stepping stone to more extensive treatments to provide the results you are looking for. 

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