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Men with enlarged breasts have a condition called gynecomastia. A full chest can be due to benign swelling of the tissue on your chest, which is usually the result of hormone imbalances, age, response to medications, genetics, or weight loss. Consult Christopher Jones MD PC in Indianapolis, Indiana to learn more about male breast reduction surgery as a solution.

Why undergo surgery?

For some men, weight loss can help reduce the appearance of large breasts. But for many, the enlarged tissue remains even after significant weight loss. Even lean men may experience enlarged breasts due to genetics and excessive glandular tissue. Surgery is a permanent and effective way to reduce the appearance of enlarged breasts and feel more confident.

What surgery is available for male breast reduction?

After consulting with Dr. Jones, you’ll determine if liposuction or tissue extraction makes the most sense for your particular condition. Liposuction involves removing excess fat through a small incision at the sides of your chest to smooth and contour the chest surface. Extraction is more involved and is usually reserved for severe cases of gynecomastia that involve a lot of excess glandular tissue or sagging skin. In all his surgical procedures, Dr. Jones will take special care to make delicate incisions to ensure minimal scarring.

Will I need to go under general anesthesia?

Gynecomastia procedures are typically performed as outpatient services. Depending on the extent of your particular surgery, local or general anesthesia will be administered to make you most comfortable.

What is recovery like?

Recovery depends a lot on the extent of the incisions required to correct the problem. Simple liposuction is relatively easy to recover from. Some type of compressive garment is recommended for a few weeks postoperatively. Return to work is almost immediate. However, vigorous upper body workouts should be held for 3-4 weeks. Ultimately, your healing and return to normal activity is unique to you and Dr. Jones will help devise your individualized recovery plan.

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