Collection: Buttock Lift

If you’re not happy with the contours of your backside, a buttock lift is something to consider. Christopher Jones, MD, PC, has the skill and expertise needed to leverage the power of plastic surgery to deliver a more toned, shapely appearance. When you’re ready to explore this option in greater detail, simply call or use the online scheduling tool to set up a consultation with the Indianapolis office.

What is a buttock lift?

A buttock lift is a surgical procedure that removes excess fat and skin from your buttocks to refine the shape of this area of your body. It’s generally an outpatient procedure and has a high satisfaction rate among those men and women who choose to pursue this type of lift.

Dr. Jones offers a unique blend of technical excellence and artistic vision that allows him to evaluate your current body composition and devise a customized surgical plan to give you the contouring needed to meet or even exceed your aesthetic goals. That’s an invaluable skill set and part of what makes Dr. Jones one of the most highly sought-after surgeons in the area.

What issues can a buttock lift improve?

A buttock lift is a great option for men and women who’ve lost a significant amount of weight and have sagging skin and lingering deposits of fat in the buttocks. In some cases, the issue is skin that has lost its resiliency and elasticity.

Some men and women have reached and maintained their weight and fitness goals, but were unable to achieve the contouring they’d prefer through diet and exercise alone. A buttock lift can deliver those improvements.

There are limitations, however, to what a buttock lift can achieve. It won’t change the tone or texture of your skin, although there are other treatments that can yield those results.

A buttock lift also won’t increase the volume of your buttocks. However, incorporating fat grafting into the procedure will help you achieve a rounder, fuller shape.

What happens during a buttock lift?

When you arrive for your surgical appointment, you’ll receive general anesthesia to keep you comfortable during the procedure. A catheter is positioned to collect urine during the surgery and recovery process.

Dr. Jones will mark the treatment area to guide his incisions, which generally run across your lower back to each hip. Once the incision is made, the skin is lifted until the proper contouring is achieved. If fat grafting is part of your treatment plan, additional steps are taken to harvest, prepare, and inject the fat into the buttocks area.

Once he’s happy with the outcome, Dr. Jones closes your incision and a surgical dressing is applied. You’ll likely have surgical drains to allow excess blood and other fluids to exit the surgical site.

What can I expect after a buttock lift?

You’ll receive customized recovery instructions prior to your procedure. It’s important to begin walking shortly after your surgery, but you’ll need to limit your physical exertion to give your body a chance to heal.

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